w32 client installer - silent install?

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Tue Feb 26 09:10:09 CET 2008

On Mon, 25 Feb 2008 23:46, lists at thehurley.com said:

> ... I'm wondering are there any command line options for the installer?

Sorry, no.  However the installer we use with gpg4win now features a few
options.  See the excerpt below for details.  IIRC, this is available in
the current gpg4win (1.1.3); checkout the README file.



4. Installer Options

The default installation path can be speficied with the /D=PATH
option, which must be last on the command line.  The installer
supports the options /S for unattended installation, and the option
/C=INIFILE to specify an .ini file which should contain exactly one
section "[gpg4win]".  This section contains various installer settings
and absolute file paths to configuration files that should be
preinstalled.  Most options just set a different default value.
Excetions are documented below.  Here is an example file which shows
all possible keys:

  ; Installer settings.  Do not define or leave empty for defaults.
  inst_gnupg2 = false
  inst_gpgol = true
  inst_gpgex = true
  inst_gpa = true
  inst_winpt = true
  inst_gpgee = true
  inst_claws_mail = false
  inst_novice_manual_en = true
  inst_novice_manual_de = true
  inst_advanced_manual_de = true

  ; Where to install short-cuts.
  inst_start_menu = true
  inst_desktop = false
  inst_quick_launch_bar = false

  ; Contrary to other settings in this file, the start menu folder
  ; setting here will override the user selection at installation
  ; time.
  inst_start_menu_folder = GnuPG for Windows

  ; Additional configuration files to install.
  gpg.conf = D:\config\gpg-site.conf
  gpg-agent.conf = D:\config\gpg-agent-site.conf
  trustlist.txt = D:\config\trustlist-site.txt
  dirmngr.conf = D:\config\dirmngr-site.conf
  dirmngr_ldapserver.conf = D:\config\dirmngr_ldapserver-site.conf
  scdaemon.conf = D:\config\scdaemon-site.txt
  gpa.conf = D:\config\gpa-site.conf

An example command for unattended installation could look like this:

gpg4win.exe /S /C=C:\TEMP\gpg4win.ini /D=D:\Programme\Gpg4win

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