w32 client installer - silent install?

Craig Hurley lists at thehurley.com
Tue Feb 26 18:02:10 CET 2008

On 26/02/2008 08:10, Werner Koch wrote:
> Sorry, no.  However the installer we use with gpg4win now features a few
> options.  See the excerpt below for details.  IIRC, this is available in
> the current gpg4win (1.1.3); checkout the README file.

Thanks for that.  It looks like gpg4win, version 1.1.3, using gpg 1.4.7; 
the available version of gpg is 1.4.8 (the updates are listed below).

Should I be worried about not using the latest version of gpg?


What's New [1.4.8]

     * Changed the license to GPLv3.

     * Improved detection of keyrings specified multiple times.

     * Changes to better cope with broken keyservers.

     * Minor bug fixes.

     * The new OpenPGP standard is now complete, and has been published
       as RFC-4880.  The GnuPG --openpgp mode (note this is not the
       default) has been updated to match the new standard.  The
       --rfc2440 option can be used to return to the older RFC-2440
       behavior.  The main differences between the two are
       "--enable-dsa2 --no-rfc2440-text --escape-from-lines

     * By default (i.e. --gnupg mode), --require-cross-certification is
       now on.  --rfc2440-text and --force-v3-sigs are now off.

     * Allow encryption using legacy Elgamal sign+encrypt keys if
       option --rfc2440 is used.

     * Fixed the auto creation of the key stub for smartcards.

     * Fixed a rare bug in decryption using the OpenPGP card.

     * Fix RFC-4880 typo in the SHA-224 hash prefix.  Old SHA-224
       signatures will continue to work.

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