Sorting the recipeint keys (was: How know who is a file encrypted for ?)

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Feb 27 19:47:43 CET 2008

On Wed, 27 Feb 2008 15:51, vedaal at said:

> pressing the 'enter' key 9 times quickly, is something i can live 
> with without bothering the developers

Well, I sometimes receive mails encrypted to 20 or so keys and some of
them use the wild card keyid (-R) feature.  Now, this is not a problem
if you have just one or two secret keys but with 30 secret keys it is a
major annoyance because all of them need to be trial decrypted which
takes a long time and requires to enter many passphrases.  Eventually
gpg sees my own key and can now decrypt it.

The solution to this is pretty clear, we need to read all public key
encrypted packets first and sort them so that own keys come first
followed by other keys and finally by the wild card keys.  This also
allows us to order the trial decryption to minimize smart card changes.

I have not implement this because obviously I have not yet suffered
enough from that problem.



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