ISO-8859-1 mails getting marked as UTF-8

Alain Bench veronatif at
Thu Feb 28 10:54:39 CET 2008

Hello Martin,

 On Wednesday, February 27, 2008 at 20:06:57 +0100, Martin Toft wrote:

> I use GnuPG together with mutt on Debian Etch. I prefer to use
> ISO-8859-1 and have these lines in my .muttrc to accomplish that:

    First of all, your Mutt charset setup is quite suboptimal.
Discussing it would be off-topic here, but you could find infos in the
Mutt wiki, and some guidance on the mutt-users mailing list.

> when signing the mail using GnuPG, the content type changes:
>| Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8; x-action=pgp-signed

    Mutt forces traditional PGP mails to be sent in either "us-ascii" or
"utf-8", period. $send_charset is ignored. That is done on purpose, to
follow some standards, and is not overridable.

    However, as you noticed, this poses interoperability problems with
some other mailers. So Tamotsu Takahashi wrote a Mutt patch permitting
to read and write traditional inline PGP mails containing any charset.
It picks the best adapted first necessary and sufficient charset in the
$send_charset list (just like for non-signed mails). Apply his latest
patch-1.5.*.tamo.pgp_charsethack.1, and set $pgp_charsethack=yes. You'll
be able to send inline signed Latin-1.

> - Invoking gpg with "--charset iso-8859-1".
> - Invoking gpg with "--display-charset iso-8859-1".
> - Having "charset iso-8859-1" in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf.

    Don't hardcode any given charset. Let GnuPG free to automatically
derive the right charset from your current locale. LANG=en_DK implies
the Latin-1 charset, so all is well. And if one day you switch locales,
GnuPG will immediatly follow, and continue to display things right.

Bye!	Alain.
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 - subscribe ^list at ddress$ if you are subscribed and don't want courtesy copy.
 - lists ^list at ddress$     if you are not subscribed or want a courtesy copy.

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