Signing people with only one form of ID?

Paul Cartwright ale at
Thu Feb 28 13:17:42 CET 2008

On Wed February 27 2008, David Shaw wrote:
> I wouldn't go crazy here: keep in mind that the web of trust is
> designed for people who don't have the ability to prove that a
> passport or license is real.  This is one of the reasons that more
> than one signature is needed to make a key fully valid.  All that the
> web of trust asks is that you do your best.

I never made it to a formal key signing, all I did was look up biglumber:

and found someone who would be in my area. We met, I showed him my ID, we 
talked a bit, and he signed my key.
He lives in Switzerland and I live in Athens,Ga, USA. If I wantyed to drive 80 
miles to Atlanta, I could probably find a number of people to sign my key, 
but this way I got to meet someone from another country!

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