gpg: waiting for lock (held by 1529 - probably dead)?

Philip Neukom pneukom at
Wed Jan 9 14:10:19 CET 2008

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Charly, thank you for your reply.  And especially for the direct 
response.  I forgot to mention that I am on digest mode. (oophs).

Thank you for the link.  I didn't think to look for a "lock" file in 
~.gnupg.  I just deleted those files and will try to get the uid updated 

Is there a "search" page for all the archives?  I have just found a page 
that lists all the discussions by month.  I think you would need to 
select and search each month.  That would be tedious.  Doesn't Google 
index these forums?

I was running the binary MacGPG version 1.4.8 but since my original keys 
were created using IDEA, I couldn't run it properly.   I tried to 
compile a  plug-in but that was beyond my limited ability.

Luckily for me, Robert Hansen was able to give me some help and I 
compiled the complete 1.4.8 with IDEA by myself!!  So right now, I am 
running v 1.4.8 compiled from source.

Thanks again.

Charly Avital wrote:
| Philip Neukom wrote the following on 1/8/08 9:10 PM:
|> Hi!
|> I'm back and updating my key for new email accounts after a long absence.
| Welcome back.
|> But am running a problem and getting the following error.  I did a
|> Google search but didn't find anything yet.
|> Could someone please explain what the error means?  And, if there is
|> obvious place to look for such info that I don't know about, please let
|> me know where I can look.
|> Error
|> ---cut---
|> gpg: waiting for lock (held by 1529 - probably dead) ...
|> ---cut---
| I remember having had that kind of problem.
| Please point your browser to:
| <>.
| All I can understand is that gpg started a process that it couldn't 
complete, and/or crashed. I very vaguely remember that the crash was due 
to a missing hash SHA224 (H11); but don't take me to my word, launch 
Terminal and type gpg -v --version, and see what you get.
| The crash, or whatever it was resulted in the creation in ~/.gnupg of 
a file named secring.gpg.lock or trustdb.gpg.lock, any file with the 
extension .....gpg.lock. Remove that file, it should solve the problem.
| By the way, an unrelated question: how did you install 1.4.8? Compiled 
src, or used the binary installer available at 
| Charly
| MacOSX 10.5.1
| gpg 1.4.8, gpg2 2.0.7 with gpg-agent.
|> MacOSx 10.4.11
|> macgpg 1.4.8
|> keyserver: mit
|> Thank you in advance
|> Philip
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