turning off gpg-agent

Gregor Zattler telegraph at gmx.net
Thu Jan 24 14:35:21 CET 2008

Hi Shane,
* shane howard <genix01 at gmail.com> [19. Jan. 2008]:
> but as it is i don't want this functionality, i would prefer to
> enter my pass phrase every time. The question is, how do i stop
> gpg from trying to contact the agent?  I did have a look int
> ~/.gnupg?gpg.conf for the line user-agent to take it out of
> there , but it;s not in there 

It's "use-agent", not "user-agent".  If you want to disable the
agent put
in gpg.conf

This is described in the gpg man page, on the command line do:
man gpg
search for "agent".

Ciao, Gregor
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