How true can this be?

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Robert J. Hansen-3 wrote:
>> I sent you (off-list) a link to a web page that talks about this in some
>> detail: the Landauer Bound, the Margolus-Levitin Limit, the
>> thermodynamic and quantum information theoretical limits of crypto. You
>> may find some useful information in there. I would suggest two things:
>> ~  1. Read it skeptically.
>> ~  2. Whatever else, don't believe it just because I wrote it.

Thanks Robert.

Just read the following about the Echelon Project:

National Security Agency (US)

The prime mover in the UKUSA arrangement is undeniably the National Security
Agency (NSA). The majority of funds for joint projects and facilities
(discussed below) as well as the direction for intelligence gathering
operations are issued primarily through the NSA. The participating agencies
frequently exchange personnel, divide up intelligence collection tasks and
establish common guidelines for classifying and protecting shared
information. However, the NSA utilizes its role as the largest spy agency in
the world to have its international intelligence partners do its bidding.

President Harry Truman established the NSA in 1952 with a presidential
directive that remains classified to this day. The US government did not
acknowledge the existence of the NSA until 1957. Its original mission was to
conduct the signal intelligence (SIGINT) and communications security
(COMSEC) for the US. President Ronald Reagan added the tasks of information
systems security and operations security training in 1984 and 1988
respectively. A 1986 law charged the NSA with supporting combat operations
for the Department of Defense.<7>

Headquartered at Fort George Meade, located between Washington D.C. and
Baltimore, Maryland, the NSA boasts the most enviable array of intelligence
equipment and personnel in the world. The NSA is the largest global employer
of mathematicians, featuring the best teams of codemakers and codebreakers
ever assembled. The latter's job is to crack the encryption codes of foreign
and domestic electronic communications, forwarding the revealed messages to
their enormous team of skilled linguists to review and analyze the messages
in over 100 languages. The NSA is also responsible for creating the
encryption codes that protect the US government’s communications.

In its role as gang leader for UKUSA, the NSA is primarily involved with
creating new surveillance and codebreaking technology, directing the other
cooperating agencies to their targets, and providing them with training and
tools to intercept, process and analyze enormous amounts of signals
intelligence. By possessing what is arguably the most technologically
advanced communications, computer and codebreaking equipment of any
government agency in the world, the NSA serves as a competent and capable
taskmaster for UKUSA. The Echelon Project 

Darn it, we sure live in dangerous times, don't we...


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