How true can this be?

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Sun Jan 27 19:39:04 CET 2008

On Sat, Jan 26, 2008 at 01:15:23PM -0800, Raygene wrote:
> While discussing GnuPG on MacNN forum, someone posted the following message:
> Tonight I met this guy who works for an internet security company. they help
> governments/law agencies, what he told me is so depressing. apparently, big
> brother has the decryption keys for most internet algorithms, they basically
> can record the information and decrypt it in %95 of the cases... I am no
> security/privacy expert, but its shocking to know that. The guy did not want
> to speak much, but he said that mac is the most secure platform from all
> operating systems?..... does anyone know more about this?
> Does this hold water or was that so-called security expert full of it?

both yes and no

spooks don't need to break your ciphers to get your encrypted stuff, the
simplest technical measure is to inject a trojan into your system that will
siphon off what's needed, then there is traffic analysis, TEMPEST, etc etc

BTW: I really doubt that if there is a classified shortcut to solve RSA, a
random guy from a random security firm would a) know it (COMSEC/INFOSEC is
usually classified TOP SECRET as it is conidered of vital importance to
state security), and b) he would blabber about it to anyone who would care
to listen

if a), then b) would land him in jail, quickly
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