adding a new email to a key

David Shaw dshaw at
Wed Jan 30 00:11:54 CET 2008

On Tue, Jan 29, 2008 at 03:11:00PM -0500, Paul Cartwright wrote:
>   I am new on the list, so point me to the right documentation. I am using 
> Debian Lenny, and I have Kgpg installed.
> right now I have a keypair for my main email address of paul (at) 
> I wanted to add another email address to that key, ale (at)
> I'm not real sure of the sequence or path to take to accomplish
> this. I tried adding another uid, I tried adding a subkey. but both
> times I ended up with Kgpg showing the new email as the primary,
> instead of as uid#2.

You want to add a new UID, as that is what contains an email address.
A subkey is a different thing altogether.

The reason the new UID is listed first is that, by default, GPG treats
the most recent UID as the primary one.  This is because the more
recent email address generally is the more useful one.

That said, you can change it via the "primary" command in the "gpg
--edit-key" menu.  I don't know if kgpg makes this command available
via the GUI or not.

Note, though, that the notion of primary UID is almost completely
cosmetic.  It doesn't really matter much in practice UID is listed


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