adding a new email to a key

Paul Cartwright paul at
Wed Jan 30 00:44:58 CET 2008

On Tue January 29 2008, David Shaw wrote:
> You want to add a new UID, as that is what contains an email address.
> A subkey is a different thing altogether.
got it.

> The reason the new UID is listed first is that, by default, GPG treats
> the most recent UID as the primary one.  This is because the more
> recent email address generally is the more useful one.
> That said, you can change it via the "primary" command in the "gpg
> --edit-key" menu.  I don't know if kgpg makes this command available
> via the GUI or not.

yes, the edit key in terminal has primary. SO, I added a new email, selected 
uid 1, then said "primary".. too easy!

> Note, though, that the notion of primary UID is almost completely
> cosmetic.  It doesn't really matter much in practice UID is listed
> first.

cosmetic, but it makes me feel better:)
thanks for the easy to follow instructions!

Paul Cartwright
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