adding a new email to a key

Paul Cartwright ale at
Wed Jan 30 00:29:00 CET 2008

On Tue January 29 2008, you wrote:
> I understand what you're saying, but I don't see the problem.  If you
> want to add another user ID (what people usually mean when they say "add
> another email address"), then you add another user ID.  Apparently from
> your message, you can add user IDs just fine--so where's the problem?
> By default, GnuPG will always make a newly-created user ID the primary
> user ID.  However, this really shouldn't matter to you--what matters
> most is that the user IDs you want listed on your key are on your key.

I guess it is more a perception problem than an issue then. My concern was 
that my original key, the primary email address was changed. Both email 
addresses were still in the key, so I guess it isn't a problem so much as an 
aesthetic issue. Now I'll go back and add the UID for the second email,
thanks for clarifying!

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