I need a portable GUI for GnuPG

Andre Amorim decouk at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 19:59:38 CEST 2008

Have you checked:

Also I trying to get gpg safer while using it as portable app. This is
a nice freeware tool to avoid keyloggers.

But It was discussed here before.
If you have no control on your hardware, you cannot have your keys safer.

Andre Amorim.

2008/7/5 Faramir <faramir.cl at gmail.com>:
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> Andrew Berg escribió:
>> Faramir wrote:
>> | Hello!
>> |       I have been carrying portable thunderbird with portable gnupg in
>> | my flash memory stick, plus GPGShell, and it works fine. But GPGShell
>> | licence forbids to redistribute it. The idea is to make that "combo"
>> | available for download... it is not making any modification, just saving
>> | the "end user" the problem of having to install these apps by themselves
>> | (also, to put GPGShell in the flash drive, the user needs to have it
>> | already in his computer).
>> You're not allowed to distribute Enigmail (or any other extension)
>> preinstalled with Thunderbird, so even if you get some other frontend
>> for GPG, you still have that problem.
>  Good point... however, installing an extension in Thunderbird is a lot
> easier than installing something in the computer... the main problem is
> to make gpg +gui available without the need to install (I mean, without
> the need to use an installer) it... something like a zipped combo...
> Best Regards
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