I need a portable GUI for GnuPG

Faramir faramir.cl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 15:54:05 CEST 2008

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Laurent Jumet escribió:
>>>>   Exactly... mainly, to make easier to verify signed files. I am working
>>>> on an eCommerce project, and I want to use gpg to secure comunications
>>>> and to check integrity of downloads from the site. However, that site
>>>> will never "be real", I just have to show it working (I have it hosted
>>>> in my own computer), hear the teacher saying "it looks good, approved",
>>>> and then I will forget everything about it :-P
>>>     I would make a batch for that.
>>   How would it be?
>     I'm not using COMMAND.COM/CMD.EXE; since years, I use 4DOS/4NT
>     For both, you need a training by yourself. You can do almost everything 
> you'd like, from the command line.
>     I wrote a message to Roger Sondermann, the author of GPGShell, asking him 
> if it's possible to run it from a FlashKey without any interaction with the 
> local HD.

   I tried batch files some years ago... about 10 years ago... but never
knew "complex" commands... so I don't have any idea how to make it read
a parameter, like the name of the file to verify.

   Yes, it is very possible, he made a utility named copy2usb that takes
the files of your local gpg and gpgshell, and copy them to the usb flash
stick. But you require to have an installed copy of those programs...
and the licence forbids to distribute the copied files... of course,
since my teacher probably doesn't even know the existence of these
programs (probably he knows about pgp, but I doubt he knows about gpg),
I could lie and say it is possible to distribute such package... but I
don't want to do that. If I cant find a work around this, I will just
say the company will provide support to the customers willing to use
these programs... after all, we have a support forum, it wouldn't be a
problem to give basic support for gpg... (and since there won't be any
real customer, there won't be complex problems to solve :-P ).

  Maybe I can do something in VB.net something to pass the parameters to

 Best Regards

P.S: sorry to extend too much this subject... my team mates have done an
excellent work with the theory part of the project (cashflow and such
things), so I really want to be able to do a good work with the commerce
portal... I think we already have the best implementation of all the
tools required (we even got the SSL certificate, and it's not self
signed... no ugly "phishing" warnings), but... I am still nervous...
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