I need a portable GUI for GnuPG

Faramir faramir.cl at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 17:36:18 CEST 2008

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John W. Moore III escribió:

>> stick. But you require to have an installed copy of those programs...
>> and the licence forbids to distribute the copied files
> Have You contacted Roger Sonderman & explained the nature of Your
> Project requesting permission to 'share/distribute' in the context of
> Your Project?

  Well... no... since he chose to don't allow distribution of it (unless
it is in a magazine's CD... but not in a CD without a magazine), I
supposed it was no point asking... after all, it is not even the
installer file, it would be a copy of the installed files...

> He has a 'Contact Me' link on His site and You may be surprised to learn
> that Roger is actually a very pleasant & helpful fellow.

   Yes, indeed, and he answers very fast... I contacted him a few days
ago, when I was trying to figure how to give gpg a relative path (but a
path to a parallel folder, not for a subfolder...).

   Maybe the trees are not allowing me to see the forest... I thought it
would be easier to find a tool for this... since I had heard "there are
several GUIs for gpg". But maybe I should think about this subject in a
different way... maybe use gpg for emails, and sha1 for files... there
are a lot of tools for sha, md5, etc verification... and let advanced
users to verify the signatures using the command console, if they want to.

   I will try to check if my pathetic programmer skill is enough to make
that simple GUI (it just have to pick the name, and call gpg.exe giving
the parameters...)

  Thanks for all the help provided (that goes to all the list members),
you are great, I got a lot of answers... a lot more than a whole month
of answers in other lists.

 Best regards
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