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Sander de Bakker escribió:
> Hello list,
> I want to know if it is possible with gpg to offer data for a certain
> amount of time.
> I want to do the following :
> I create a website and pack it in a zip file
> when a complete stranger opens the website in the zip it checks for a
> valid key on a keyserver.
> when they key is valid the site opens
> when the key is invalid the website never opens and the contentfiles of
> the website in the zipfile cannot be accessed in any way
> thanks in advance for your replies

  You need DRM software... I have tried Locklizard, it looks very
good... and very expensive too. I am still thinking there may be a
cheaper alternative... but I think it is unlikely to find a Gnu version
of those programs... ok, I know free software doesn't mean absence of
copyright, but I *feel* Gnu people would focus the subjet in a different
way... it's not something I can express with words, just a "feeling".

  What locklizard does, it is to encrypt the document, lets say, a pdf
file, which now can only be open with a special (free) viewer...
basically, a pdf viewer with other functions (FileOpen, another DRM
company, uses a pluging for adobe acrobat reader). The viewer checks for
a user ID in the computer (which is sent to the user, and I don't know
how do it identifies the computer... but supposedly, it can't be copied
to another computer), and then connects to an internet hosted database,
checks the user rights to access the document, and then grant or deny
the document. It can be configured to restrict some rights, or
everything, and also the frequency (for each document) the reader checks
the current status of the user, in the online database. They have
solutions for websites too, but I don't know how does it work.

   I write this just to see if this is what you need... and maybe
somebody will say: "hey, you are wrong, there are free software
alternatives for that".

 Best Regards

P.S: sorry for the off topic, I don't intend to keep on the subject,
unless it returns to gpg, or unless other people is not against this
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