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>> I create a website and pack it in a zip file
>> when a complete stranger opens the website in the zip it checks 
>> for a valid key on a keyserver.
>> when they key is valid the site opens
>> when the key is invalid the website never opens and the 
>> contentfiles of website in the zipfile cannot be accessed in any 
> way
> a workaround can be done to do what you want,
> but requires some input on your part
> assuming the visitor to the website does not know which key on 
> which webserver is being checked,
> and you are not worried about people on the keyserver deliberately 
> interfering with your site
> you can do the following:
> [1] let the passphrase for the zipfile be the hashfile of your 
> public key block of the key on your keyserver
> [2] when someone tries to access your site,
> arrange for your site to get the key from the keyserver, and hash 
> the public key, and enter the hash as passphrase for the zipfile
> [3] whenever you want to stop access,
> add a subkey to your key, and upload it to the keyserver
> the hash will change,
> and the zipfile won't decrypt

  Then, he can store the hash in a txt file in a protected folder of the
server, and the website can check it... but then... why don't you just
remove the zip file, if it becomes invalid?

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