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Wed Jul 16 04:54:38 CEST 2008

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John Clizbe wrote:
> kurt c wrote:
>> Hello. I have a beginner question, I hope you guys don't mind.
>> I'd like to know why it is that when the key server website is in the
>> hkp protocol, I can never access it through my web browser. For example,
>> if I type the url hkp://
>> <> into my Firefox browser, it
>> will say: Firefox doesn't know how to open this address because it's not
>> associated with any program. I similarly can never export my public key
>> through my GPA if the key server is in the hkp protocol. Can anyone
>> enlighten me as to the reason for this? How can I access hkp sites?
> HKP is implemented with HTTP over port 11371. It is not itself a browser protocol.
> However, many keyservers operate web interfaces as well as the automated
> responses. These web interfaces also operate on port 11371.
> For restrictive firewalls, I know of several modern SKS keyservers that also
> listen on port 80. And three that will accept commands via email.
> hkp:// is equivalent to
> Web server interfaces are primarily used for searching.
> It's easiest to let GnuPG handle the details of submitting your key:
>   gpg --keyserver --send-key 0xdecafbad
> If you /really/ need to use the web interface, just don't type hkp:// as part of
> the URL (you may type http://, but it's not needed) and be sure to add :11371 to
> the host name
> Most browsers will automatically prefix http:// if it is absent
> BTW, should be used as a replacement for
> It is no longer regularly being updated.
Thanks John. My next question is then: why is it that when I tried to
send my public key to a key server (whether it starts with hkp or http)
using my GPA, the popup said: "there is no plugin available for this
protocol". What plugin am I missing?

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