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Wed Jul 16 10:13:03 CEST 2008

kurt c wrote:
> Thanks John. My next question is then: why is it that when I tried to
> send my public key to a key server (whether it starts with hkp or http)
> using my GPA, the popup said: "there is no plugin available for this
> protocol". What plugin am I missing?

I don't use GPA. I don't care for the interface.

You might try entering only the server, no protocol, no port.

The command I gave in the the last mail will do it for you from a Windows
command line.

gpg --keyserver --send-key 0x8E758D5F

> (Excuse me for the PGP signature. I'm using Enigmail/Thunderbird and I
> don't feel like turning off the signature now.)

Just click the pen in the lower right of the compose window to toggle signing
off or on.

BTW, Enigmail will also do this for you.

In Thunderbird, OpenPGP --> Open Key Manager. Single-click your key to select
it, right-click for the context menu, chose 'Upload Public Keys to Keyserver'
(or 'Upload Public Keys' from the Keyserver pull-down menu). Select one of the
existing servers or type in one of your choosing, only the server name is
needed. Click OK.

Wait about an hour before pinging keyservers to see if your key is there if you
used random... or pool... It takes a while for servers to synchronize. If you
use a single server, you can check it right away. But it may still take 1-2
hours to show up on all the servers.

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