question about hkp protocol

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Thu Jul 17 06:55:18 CEST 2008

kurt c wrote:
> "sending of keys failed
> gpgkeys: this keyserver type only supports key retrieval
> gpg: sending key -------- to hkp server

There is ABSOLUTELY NO security benefit to hiding the key ID. It only makes
those trying to help you have a more difficult task. You signed an earlier
message, anyone can get the key ID from that, 0x8E758D5F.

> gpg: keyserver communications error: file read error
> gpg: keyserver send failed: file read error"
> This happened with every keyserver I chose, so I don't think it is a
> problem with keyserver, but with me. What exactly am I missing here? Do
> you know?

I know from the message you signed that you're running GnuPG 1.4.7.
Are you by chance running Windows Vista?

I so, you need to upgrade GnuPG to version 1.4.9. There's a bug in keyserver
access for which the fix was committed a couple weeks after 1.4.7's release.
1.4.8 has a security issue fixed in 1.4.9. You may get the installer at

> And when I opened up my command prompt and typed in the command you
> suggested, I got the reply that "pgp is not a valid internal or external
You typed pgp. The command is gpg. I even edited it for your keyID.
Copy and paste the exact command

  gpg --keyserver --send-key 0x8E758D5F

If gpg is not found on your path, it will be necessary to change to the
directory where you installed GnuPG, usually C:\Program Files\Gnu\GnuPG

> command". Is there some configuration of environment variable or
> something like that which I need to do beforehand?

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