[admin] What is top posting, and why should you avoid it?

John B yochanon at localnet.com
Sat Jul 19 16:48:47 CEST 2008

On 18 July 08, Robert J. Hansen wrote:

> John B wrote:
> > That's what the subject line is for. After that, it should be all
> > reading as if one is reading a book and seeing things in the logical
> > order and way people were taught to read and respond.
> I don't know about you, but when I forward an academic paper on to a
> colleague, I write a Post-It note and slap it on the front, telling my
> colleague various important details about it.

  A 'Post It' note, on the outside of a paper, envelope, folder, 
what-have-you, is *not* the same as writing some introductory message *into* 
said paper. It doesn't interrupt the flow of said paper when the paper itself 
is being read, because the Post It note is removed or out of the way once its 
been looked at. Besides, as I said, that note serves as the 'subject line' to 
whatever it is that's going to be read.

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