so how do you get others to sign your key?

kurt c kurtc1972 at
Tue Jul 22 07:01:23 CEST 2008

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kurt c wrote:
> Well dumb me has another question.
> When I looked at the listing of John's public key from a public key
> server, for example (John Clizbe, that is), I saw that he had all the
> other people's names listed with him, like Anthony Jones or Tony Jones
> or Robot CAs. I suppose these are the people or robots that have signed
> his key? Is this the so called web of trust? How do you get people to
> sign your key? And how do you get a certificate authority to sign your key?

My name is Lawrence, by the way. I created this email account on a whim
to  test Enigmail, that's why it has this kurt c stuff on it. And now
that I'm getting serious with this email account I wish I could change it.
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