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>Subject: Re: Portable GNUPG?
>GNU MD escribi?:

>> My problem:
>> I am a physician, so I tend to work on these locked-down
>> computers in various hospitals.  Electronic medical records
>> are OK, but really there is no replacement for a patient list,

any public computers are a major security risk to leaking 
confidential patient data,
even if run from a usb disk with truecrypt/gnupg/pgp/ ... any 
'secure' program

the safest way is to have all your confidential data on a laptop,
and NEVER connect it to the internet

you can use your usb to transfer files from the laptop to the 
public computer, and do all the encryption/decryption/signing etc. 
on the laptop

you can use truecrypt whole disk encryptio to encrypt the drive and 
operating system of the laptop, so that if it is lost or stolen, 
the data will remain private

[consult the legal dept. of your hospital about the following:]

i have a friend who is a systems analyst for a hospital IT dept.
and he says that encrypting a harddrive with truecrypt or pgp-
is 'enough' for the HIPAA and JCAHO privacy compliance standards,
even if the laptop is lost or stolen

check with the legal dept of your hospital

would be happy to follow up in private encrypted e-mail
my keys are here:



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