Am I Missing Something?

John Clizbe John at
Thu Jun 5 04:17:04 CEST 2008

Carlos Williams wrote:
> I think it may be working now. I tried everything over from scratch on
> my gmail account and it looks like it found me key. Is there a way to
> test this with you guys on the list?

It /looks/ like Enigmail is working. Looks is the best anyone can tell at the

Had you sent your key to the keyservers, folks could've verified the signature
you had on this last message.

Until then, ie until it is available:

  1) See if the original message in your Sent folder verifies OK

  2a) Send yourself a signed message and see if that verifies when you receive

  2b) You can also send yourself an encrypted message.

Until your public key is available, there is nothing others can help you with
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