Am I Missing Something?

Bill Royds apple at
Thu Jun 5 05:09:20 CEST 2008

On 4-Jun-08, at 18:12 , Carlos Williams wrote:

> I think it may be working now. I tried everything over from scratch on
> my gmail account and it looks like it found me key. Is there a way to
> test this with you guys on the list?

Your message was signed but your key does not seem to e in any public  
key server. You need to send it to a keyserver so others can use your  
public key.

use gnupg2 --keyserver hkp:// --send-keys [key IDs]

Similar to--export but sends the keys to a keyserver. Fingerprints may  
be used instead of key
IDs. Option--keyserver must be used to give the name of this  
keyserver. Don’t send your complete
keyring to a keyserver --- select only those keys which are new or  
changed by you.

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