One Time Password and GnuPG

Andre Amorim decouk at
Sat Jun 7 23:10:32 CEST 2008

Hello fellow,

I was thinking how to make gnupg more safe when it's ruining into hostile
environments. The main idea is run my Gnupg in my pen drive as a portable

I did a quick research and I found GNUPG portable here

And thunderbird portable and enigmail

Then I started thinking IF the insecure computer have a Kellogg's ?
well I fund Neo's SafeKeys;

That is a virtual keyboard that can send to engmail the private key password
without type or using the keyboard.
But it still vulnerable to screenlogger's . So I was think if is possible to
use some kind of One Time Password System ..
Something like Perfect Paper Password ...

What do you think guys ?

All the best,
Andre Amorim
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