passphrases: the police and subkeys scenario

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Mon Jun 16 21:37:20 CEST 2008

Rick Valenzuela wrote:
> I said it's "viewed as." It's an interpretation and being taken
> advantage of as such. I might've tended toward hyperbole and implied an
> uncivilized Wild West of airports, but for some specific instances, yes,
> basic expected rights are sometimes no longer operable pre-entry.

Keeping this jurisdiction-free, the legal protections people think they
should have and the legal protections they think they have and the legal
protections they actually have are three quite disjoint subject areas.
It pays to keep this in mind when making statements.

Clarity is important when discussing things.  Without clarity, the
process of reasoning is stymied.

My objection is not to your political beliefs or your ideas about what
rights are possessed by Americans.  My objection is strictly one of clarity.

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