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John W. Moore III jmoore3rd at bellsouth.net
Tue Jun 24 01:25:52 CEST 2008

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Faramir wrote:

> Cifrado: AES256, AES192, AES, CAST5, 3DES  (cipher)
> Resumen: SHA1, SHA256, RIPEMD160       (hashing)
> Compresi
n: ZLIB, BZIP2, ZIP, Sin comprimir [no compression] (compression)
> Caracter
¡sticas: MDC, Sevidor de claves no-modificar (settings, maybe?)
> Well, it seems I have not messed the config (yet)...
> Now the question is: how do I set a "default prefered ^thing to use^"
> without making unavailable the other algorithms? The idea is to use the
> custom setting only when the recipient can receive messages using these
> settings... I think I'd like to use AES256, SHA256, and ZIP, but only if
> that doesn't produce unusable messages...

OK, I'm Back and find from parsing My Inbox that I have been "quoted"
and 'covered' by others.  Sorry I wasn't here all day feeling insecure
enough to 'speak' for Myself.

Robert J. Hansen & David Shaw have both 'answered' Your Question
succinctly; but I personally feel they have missed the essence of Your
Question based solely upon Your 'Previous' Post regarding how to see
what GPG is "doing."

Remember how I told You how to 'showpref'?  Well, now You can tell
gpg.exe what You'd prefer to be broadcast on Your Public Key by changing
'showpref' to 'setpref' and then using a string like this:

setpref S9 S2 S13 S10 S4 S12 S8 S11 S7 S3 S1 H10 H9 H8 H11 H6 H3 H2 Z3

Then You'll need to provide Your passphrase and follow the prompts.

It should be noted that You will need to then Upload Your Key 'again' to
the Keyservers so they will reflect Your changes.  You will also need to
then require /every/ correspondent to 'refresh' Your Key so the Key they
have for You on their Keyring reflects Your 'New' Preferences.

Bear in mind also, folks using Ubuntu may not have Z3 available [BZIP2]
but that isn't relevant because this is a "Preference" and their
installation will compare it with the native ability to Encrypt to  what
You "prefer" so if it isn't  possible it will default to the next

You wish to 'force' something specific then You enter this line in gpg.conf:

digest-algo SHA256 [or whatever]

*ALWAYS* Keep In Mind that anytime You _force_ an algorthim, hash or
compression You are making the Recipient dependent upon Your choices.

If their installation cannot 'handle' it then they will Holler.

setpref will broadcast to the Recipient's Keyring what You desire but if
You wish to _demand_ Your installation to use Your Preferences then You
will need to add the following lines to Your gpg.conf:

personal-cipher-preferences S9 S2 S13 S10 S4 S12 S8 S11 S7 S3 S1
personal-digest-preferences H10 H9 H8 H11 H6 H3 H2
personal-compress-preferences Z3 Z2 Z1

Now, PAY ATTENTION:  These are the lines from MY gpg.conf and unless You
have built Your version of GnuPG to Support TIGER192 [H6] or Camellia
[S10, S11, S12] then those designations will _break_ You being able to
use Your installation.

There are Members of this List who understand I 'break rules' and some
call Me an I-D-I-O-T', I prefer the term /Bleeding Edge/ but this in NO
way makes Me correct.  DO NOT think Me anything other than a 'breadbox'
builder rather than an 'Off The Shelf' Amateur.

Robert, John Clizbe, Werner, David & Marcus are very correct, accurate
and honest when they strongly suggest that the Defaults be honored/accepted.

Timestamp: Monday 23 Jun 2008, 19:25  --400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
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