Multiple uid's vs. multiple primary keys & "master signing keys"

Josh Cepek josh.cepek at
Mon Jun 30 19:13:30 CEST 2008

David Koppenhofer wrote:
> 1) Multiple uid's (emails) per primary key versus multiple primary keys
> I have 3 email addresses I currently use: one personal, one for foss
> development, and one for work.  I could create 3 uid's associated with
> the same primary key (option A), or 3 separate primary keys with 1 uid
> each (option B).

[.. cut ..]

> * Option A has 1 encryption key, B has 3.  In the 3-key scenario, if
> I'm forced to reveal encrypted messages to one of the addresses, the
> others are not automatically compromised.

Generally those who use GPG never intend to provide a 3rd party access 
to an encrypted message.  However, in the event you find yourself forced 
to disclose a message or face legal consequences, you have the option to 
disclose a specific message encrypted to you without providing your 
private key.  The --show-session-key option will provide the static key 
used for encrypting that message without compromising any past or future 
content encrypted with that key.


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