GnuPG (win32) on a USB stick

John Clizbe JPClizbe at
Mon Mar 3 22:55:08 CET 2008

Andrew Berg wrote:
> John Clizbe wrote:
>> set GNUPGHOME=x:\location\you\want
> It would be inconvenient (and inconsiderate to the host machine's 
> owner(s)) to set an environment variable on every machine encountered, 
> wouldn't it? Sven's idea is much better, I think.

And it shows a clear lack of understanding to think that a SET command at a
Windows command prompt sets an environment variable permanently or globally. The
variable exists in the process environment that invoked the command and those
processes invoked from it.

"Changes made using the SET command are NOT permanent, they apply to the current
CMD prompt only and remain only until the CMD window is closed."

Setting GNUPGHOME is the equivalent of specifying
"--homedir U:\path\to\your\keyrings", but without the need to type (and possibly
 mistype) it every time GnuPG is invoked.

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