OpenPGP card stopped working

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Mar 13 10:46:16 CET 2008

On Mon, 10 Mar 2008 18:15, Werner.Dittmann at said:

> I've the same problem with an SCM 535. By running the pcscd in

You probably meant the SCR 355.

> ccid_usb.c:704:ccid_check_firmware() Firmware (4.15) is bogus! but you choosed to use it

This problem is well known.  When using GnuPG with its internal CCID
driver that version of thye SCR 335 works fine due to a workaround for
the bug.  I developed the whole smart card stuff with such a reader and
thus there should be no problem.  Well, unless you need it for non-GnuPG

Maybe we should come up with an IFD on top of GnuPG'd scdaemon ;-)



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