gpg code problem

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Wed Mar 19 12:58:38 CET 2008


i ma very new to gnugp or gpg concept want to send signed mails using gpg . for testing perpose i have intalled gpg at my local machine and generated the pulic and private keys .

i am trying this using php on windows
$res=shell_exec("echo $passphrase | $gpg --passphrase-fd 0 --clearsign  'd:\gp_test\tt.inmp'");
 but is not working 

but when i use on command prompt using same code is working
gpg --clearsign  'd:\gp_test\tt.inmp' aftre this i need to enter and i am sked to provide passphrase i put my keys and tghen enter it creates signed file for me at desired place.

can you help me please in this what problem in the php code ?

please make a cc to my email account while replying ,as i am not a registered user.

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