Supported Formats

Carlos Williams carloswill at
Thu Nov 20 16:42:45 CET 2008

I had someone at a co-location (different network / domain) install a
Verisign Class 1 Digital certification. I was able to share the
Verisign cert with another user who has the same kind of class 1
certificate and we can now send encrypted and signed email back to
each other fine. My question is now I would like to take my
certificate and send it to any of the users with class 1 Verisign
cert. The problem is when I export my GnuPG public key and send it to
him, it does not recognize it at all. It does not like the .asc file
extension. How can exchange keys with anyone using a class 1
certificate in Outlook 2003 and or Mozilla Thunderbird. I am guessing
neither of the machines configured are unable to read the .asc format
I am exporting my public key as.

Any advice.

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