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David Shaw dshaw at
Thu Nov 20 17:16:31 CET 2008

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 10:42:45AM -0500, Carlos Williams wrote:
> I had someone at a co-location (different network / domain) install a
> Verisign Class 1 Digital certification. I was able to share the
> Verisign cert with another user who has the same kind of class 1
> certificate and we can now send encrypted and signed email back to
> each other fine. My question is now I would like to take my
> certificate and send it to any of the users with class 1 Verisign
> cert. The problem is when I export my GnuPG public key and send it to
> him, it does not recognize it at all. It does not like the .asc file
> extension. How can exchange keys with anyone using a class 1
> certificate in Outlook 2003 and or Mozilla Thunderbird. I am guessing
> neither of the machines configured are unable to read the .asc format
> I am exporting my public key as.

You can't do this.

There are two popular ways to encrypt mail, one is S/MIME and the
other is OpenPGP.  Your GnuPG key is OpenPGP.  The Verisign certs are
S/MIME.  The two are not interchangeable without very special surgery.


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