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Thu Oct 2 00:45:51 CEST 2008


    I created an EDI job (Trinary translation/schedule) that pulls down files and it decrypts just fine from the command line as well as if I spawn the EDI job from the command line.   However, if I schedule the job in Trinary (kicks off the job by itself) it will not decrypt the file.  It comes up with the following:

$gpg -batch -passphrase gocatsgo -output out.txt -decrypt 810x12.pgp

E:\ew\sv53\recv\tmp_recv>echo off
Press any key to continue . . .
gpg: encrypted with ELG-E key, ID 9B1D9DED
gpg: decryption failed: secret key not available

I have tried this with both a hard code passphrase (txt) as well as a passphrase file as well and still no luck?   Anyone ever run into this by chance?  I am wondering if it is something with the different environments or if it is how the Gnupg was installed maybe?

$gpg -batch -passphrase gocatsgo -output out.txt -decrypt 810x12.pgp

I have also tried

$gpg -batch -passphrase-file pass.txt -output out.txt -decrypt 810x12.pgp

Again, I can pull up a cmd dos prompt and do those commands and it works just fine.  However when schedule and ran in batch in Trinary (EDI translator/schedule) it cannot find the key to decrypt.   I have seen some other posts with similar problem when running from WEBMETHODS jobs but none of the posts had anyone answer them so thought I would run it by this news group.

Thanks in advance!

Tim Stebar        EDI Systems Analyst
Computers Unlimited
Billings, MT 59105

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