Adding a UserID to Your Key

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Sat Oct 4 22:56:50 CEST 2008

Lawrence Chin wrote:
> I want to propose that we all use absolutely untainted clean language
> when we send encrypted emails (like this one is encrypted) so that we
> wouldn't give authority a reason to take away this privilege of ours
> to use encryption. It should be part of our ethic in using
> encryption.

I call shenanigans.

First, if you live in a country where encryption is a privilege, I feel
sorry for you.  Privacy is a human right.  Tools that ensure privacy are
also human rights.

Second, if it's encrypted, how do you propose the authorities will read it?

> This is another message of Kara's that's causing me nightmare last 
> night when I read through it. We shouldn't have words like "...Deputy
> director" or "NS adviser" etc in an encrypted email!

Why not?  Intelligence agencies are already reading this list.  Why not
smile, wave and say hi to them?

Speaking very broadly, as long as you aren't advocating terrorism, tax
fraud, the drug trade or the exploitation of children, they really don't

... Privacy is a human right.  Stand up for it, and don't apologize for
insisting upon it.

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