Adding a UserID to Your Key

David Shaw dshaw at
Sun Oct 5 00:01:29 CEST 2008

On Oct 4, 2008, at 4:44 PM, Lawrence Chin wrote:

[personal email removed for obvious reasons]

> Hi everyone, I want to propose something. [removed] has been very  
> patiently
> helping me with my questions on the board about how to use GnuPG and
> Enigmail, as is here. However, on two occasions she used sensitive  
> words
> in her examples as in the "extreme example" here. It didn't just  
> keep me
> scared all night and day due to my weak nervous system, but it has
> bothered me for over a whole week for another reason. I want to  
> propose
> that we all use absolutely untainted clean language when we send
> encrypted emails (like this one is encrypted) so that we wouldn't give
> authority a reason to take away this privilege of ours to use
> encryption. It should be part of our ethic in using encryption.

Let me get this straight - you posted someone else's personal and  
encrypted mail on a public mailing list?  To scold them for using  
words that bothered you?  Seriously?

Also, no.  You don't get to pick what words people use in their  
emails, encrypted or not.  If you don't like certain words used by  
certain people, it is your right to not communicate with them.  It is  
not your right to lower the general level of communication to a level  
you approve of.


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