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markus reichelt wrote:
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> niiice, I bet he didn't catch that one!
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I certainly agree with John that no one should send me private messages.
 I'm sorry to have failed to observed Netiquette, but I was just too
afraid. I have been reported before to law enforcement as saying things
which in fact others said to me and got into trouble for that. Law
enforcement would treat any words in my box as my product, "but others
said it" is no defense. So I'm very paranoid about, not just what I said
to others, but precisely what others said to me. So I always insist on
others' using clean language when talking to me -- unfair as this may sound.

But in any case, not observing Netiquette is my fault, and all this is
unheroic on my part, so I'd be quiet from now on around here.
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