Changing preferences

Kevin Hilton kevhilton at
Thu Sep 18 15:23:21 CEST 2008

I think the problem is with the word preferences.  The use of this
word in the setpref command and in the
personal-cipher/hash-preferences really doesn't convey what
preferences are preferred over each other.  The sender's preferences
always trump the recipient's preferences.  The use of
personal-cipher/hash-preferences performs a verification based on the
list contained within the recipient's public key, that the recipient
has the capabilities to decode/verify the message, whereas the use of
the non-recommended cipher/digest-algo avoids this check altogether.

Its straightforward once someone explains it, however the use of the
word preferences on both the public keys and the sender's preferences
does not convey any information on the hierarchy of the preferences
(with senders > recipients).

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