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Robert J. Hansen escribió:
> David Shaw wrote:
>> If someone wants to know how to set their preference list, they're not
>> trying for new and fun ways to violate the spec.

   Well, since I made the question, I must agree with that point of
view, since my concern was -being the receiving end- how to modify my
preferences without making my key unusable or at least, less-usable.

   However, it is true I should not give for granted I will always
receive messages using my preferences (and that is the reason why I
finally added the IDEA library to my GPG... just in case... but I don't
intend to use it). I almost forgot the cipher-algo command, since when I
saw it is a very good way to produce a message the recipient can't
decrypt... but well, without changing anything, there is always the
option somebody can send me a message using whirlpool...

   I am trying to say, while the cipher-algo thing was not what I was
asking for, it is not a bad thing to remember people, from time to time,
the sender can manage to send messages useless for the receiver...

> No, but they may be operating on the assumption their preference list
> matters.  (Which it very often doesn't; encrypting-to-self and another
> recipient means there's a 50/50 chance their preference list will be
> treated as a cap set.  It would appear this ought to be made clear in
> the docs.)

  What do you mean? I didn't understand the "cap set" concept, or at
least, the meaning of these words (I think probably is due my lack of

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