Changing preferences

Kevin Hilton kevhilton at
Tue Sep 23 13:06:33 CEST 2008

To all  the contributors who helped in writing the documentation,
please do not consider my questions regarding preference choice
disparaging in any way.  Documentation in many problems is very
tedious and its contributions oftentimes overlooked, however I do
sincerely appreciate your efforts and time spent in order to make the
gnupg project very successful.  In order to provide effective
documentation, contributors must know all the nuances of the project
and have a very good working knowledge of the various options.

Its clear that the preferences among how the different ciphers or
hashes are chosen seem to be a point of confusion for many, including
me, however the mailing list has seemed to clear up a lot of my
misconceptions.  As stated by David Shaw in a previous correspondence,
it would be impossible to fully explain the decision making tree or
methods effectively in the context of an individual man page.  Perhaps
the man page could link to a particular website for a more in-depth
discussion of the decision-making methods, and perhaps the methods
could be fully explained in detail on one of the web pages of the
GnuPG project.  I think this may help to eliminate a lot of the
confusion surrounding about individual ciphers and hashes are chosen.

Kevin Hilton

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