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David Shaw escribió:
> On Sep 24, 2008, at 7:33 AM, Faramir wrote:
>>  Once I saw a shelf attached to the wall by no less than 24 screws.
>> When the shelf was removed, the wall looked like it had been attack with
>> a screw-shooting machine gun. Sure, the shelf was firmly attached to the
>> wall, but it would have been better to use bigger screws, or maybe to
>> add "legs" to it to support its weight. Or maybe some other solution.
> If the goal was to keep the shelf attached to the wall, why would some
> other solution be "better" ?   If there was something heavy on that
> shelf, and I was standing under it, I'd probably be pretty satisfied
> with 24 screws holding it up.

  Because the shelf had to be removed latter, and it was known from the
begging that it would have to be removed in a few years (I think it
lasted just 2 years attached to that wall). After removing it, the wall
would need be repaired (nobody likes to have a wall full of tiny holes
in the bedroom). And it is easier to remove 6 plastic fixations than to
remove 24 of them. But also, after removing them, you need to apply some
product to fill the holes, and make the wall to look like it as if it
has not been drilled. And finally, and maybe the most important thing,
is maybe one day somebody will want to attach another thing to that
wall, and product used to fill the holes doesn't behave like cement, so
probably they will need to avoid drilling too near to the previous
holes... and with a lot of holes, it becomes harder to find a good spot
to drill the new ones.

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