keyserver with gpgme

Florian Schwind f.schwind at
Mon Sep 29 13:26:25 CEST 2008

First of all there is no t-gpgconf.c in my /tests/gpg/ directory (using
the latest gpgme from, which is 1.1.4)

And what I'm actually looking for, is a way to use a keyserver with
gpgme like I'm used to with the console-application

e.g. for verification:

gpg --keyserver --keyserver-options auto-key-retrieve
--verify document.asc

or to search for keys on the server:

gpg --keyserver --search-key mail at

Best Regards

Werner Koch wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Sep 2008 09:03, f.schwind at said:
>> It would be real nice if someone could point me in the right direction
>> with this. I still don't know how to communicate with a keyserver using
>> gpgME.
> I am not sure what you exactly mean.  To enable a keyserver you need to
> have a 
>   keyserver
> line in your gpg.conf file.  You may edit the gpg.conf file using the
> configuration interface of GPGME.  That interface is not yet documented
> in the manual.  Hwoever the example program, tests/gpg/t-gpgconf.c shows
> how to do that.  That interface is stable and won't change.
> Shalom-Salam,
>    Werner

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