Requesting help with Changing expiry date of expired corporate key

Meyer, Bruce bdmeyer at
Fri Apr 3 22:17:51 CEST 2009

We have a corporate key pair that expired a few weeks ago.

I believe that the proper way to change the expiry date is to follow the
instructions on page 18 (--edit-key) and then selecting the appropriate sub
key (key 1, key 2) and then entering 'expire'

I tested this on my keyring and it works fine.

Where I am having a hard time finding documentation is for this:

We have a corporate key, that our policy says, all items that are encrypted
whether file, emails etc, will ALSO always be encrypted against the
corporate key.

Since this key doesn't actually belong to a single person, I am wondering
how to approach this. Do I use some sort of 'file' option, and point to the
keypair, or do I temporarily move my keyring to a safe location, and replace
it with one containing the corporate keypair and follow my own instructions

Thanks for any help.

--Bruce D. Meyer

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