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Hi John,

I took a look at the per recipient rules - thanks for the direction



John Clizbe wrote:
> david wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Late here in Cyprus, in Thunderbird, OpenPGP I can sign and encrypt -
>> but say I cc'd to a few people - because if those people are in my key
>> ring will it encrypt for each?
> If a valid key can be located for each recipient, the message will be
> encrypted to all. If a single recipient cannot be matched with a key,
> the message will be sent in the clear.
> The message will be encrypted once with a symmetric cipher and session
> key. Then the session key is encrypted to each recipient's public key
> and the encrypted session keys are attached to the message.
> For each recipient the first valid key with matching email address is
> the one selected. If this is not the preferred key, then Enigmail's
> Per-recipient rules may be setup to specify the correct key to use.

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