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Thu Apr 30 13:32:55 CEST 2009

Somewhat humourously, my public key is now up on all the public key servers! 
I guess I'll have to live with all that spam .. .. ..


(can't sign this msg - Outlook express sucks, i use Kmail regularly, and 
don't want to bother customising my windows and "getting used to it." bad 
idea, no TB for me thanks)
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> Felipe Alvarez escribió:
>> Sorry about that. My comment below should contain the URL for the
>> key. I
>> still new to this, and weary about uploading my public key on
>> keyservers.
>  I didn't notticed the comment the last time, but now, somehow, your
> key was imported magically...
>> the whole thing up. That's why I just host my pub key at my site.
>  You can host it on BigLumber too, it would act the same as your site,
> but would allow you to be searched easily.
>> AND this discussion of reliable and fast key servers has got me
>> nervous
>> again.
>  I just use and forget problems... I have never
> been contacted to a keyserver being "down".
>  Best Regards
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