Can't import valid GPG keys in Ubuntu

Todd Zullinger tmz at
Thu Dec 10 04:09:11 CET 2009

Jim Dever wrote:
> I'm sure he meant to reply to the list.  Unfortunately this list
> doesn't generate a "Reply-To" back to the list so if one just hits
> "Reply" it goes back to the original sender and not to the list.
> I've been called on this before until I realized what was happening.
> If anyone on the list knows who to contact to get this fixed it
> would be greatly appreciated.  Or if I'm totally missing
> something... please tell me!

Any list configuration inquiries should be sent to the list owner.
The list owners are listed on the listinfo page, included in the
footer of each post.

That said, it's likely intentional that the list does not munge the
Reply-To header.  For much more than you may care to read, check out:

Reply-To Munging Considered Harmful

Reply-To Munging Considered Useful

And perhaps even:

Reply-To Munging Still Considered Harmful. Really.

It's sad that relatively few mail clients have proper list-reply
functionality.  But if you use one that does, it's easy to forget why
folks regularly ask for Reply-To munging. :)

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