Can't import valid GPG keys in Ubuntu

Jim Dever jdever at
Thu Dec 10 05:20:03 CET 2009

Hash: RIPEMD160

Todd Zullinger wrote:

> Any list configuration inquiries should be sent to the list owner.
> The list owners are listed on the listinfo page, included in the
> footer of each post.

Thanks for the pointer!

> That said, it's likely intentional that the list does not munge the
> Reply-To header.  For much more than you may care to read, check out:

Will do.  Didn't realize there were reasons why doing that might not be
desirable in cases.  Seems to be done on ever other list I've seen
except this one so I'm curious enough to read your links as to why.

> It's sad that relatively few mail clients have proper list-reply
> functionality.  But if you use one that does, it's easy to forget why
> folks regularly ask for Reply-To munging. :)

Ok I'll bite.  Which one does handle it properly?  I did notice that
doing a reply all on your message sent it back to the list.  Reply All
on most messages go back to the sender with a CC: to the list.  Anyway
I'll hush since this is off-topic.  Thanks for the education!

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