Code for javagnupg?

Robert J. Hansen rjh at
Tue Dec 15 20:53:19 CET 2009

In 2005, Stefan Richter announced some JNI bindings (Java Native
Interface) for GPGME, which he called javagnupg.  A very early alpha
version of this was uploaded to, where it's lived in the
alpha directory ever since.

As it turns out, I need JNI bindings for GnuPG.  Rather than start over
from scratch I thought I'd take a look at Stefan's 0.1.2 codebase and
see how much work it would take to bring it up to current standards.

I was surprised to discover there is no code in the jarfile that Stefan
contributed.  It's .class files only, along with some documentation, but
nothing that seems to actually be compilable code.

Does anyone have access to the code for javagnupg 0.1.2?  If so, please
send it on to me.

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