trouble getting GnuPG 2.0.9 working with smartcard

Malte Gell malte.gell at
Sun Feb 1 06:13:17 CET 2009

Hi there,

with hope of finding more response I place my question now here.

I have a Reiner SCT Cyberjack Secoder card reader and with the driver from 
Reiner SCT's web site it works now, the diagnosis tool "cyberjack" says the 
reader is available and accessable.

In ~/.gnupg/scdaemon.conf i specified the PCSC driver, it contains the 

debug-level advanced
pcsc-driver /usr/lib/readers/ifd-cyberjack.bundle/Contents/Linux/ifd-

But, when inserting a blank smartcard i only get the following:

1[root at linux-61r3]4339-06:06~> gpg --card-status
can't connect to `/root/.gnupg/S.gpg-agent': Connection refused
scdaemon[28645]: listening on socket `/tmp/gpg-Gxylwx/S.scdaemon'
scdaemon[28645]: handler for fd -1 started
scdaemon[28645]: error sending PC/SC OPEN request: Broken pipe
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: -> OK GNU Privacy Guard's Smartcard server ready
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: <- GETINFO socket_name
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: -> D /tmp/gpg-Gxylwx/S.scdaemon
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: -> OK
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: <- OPTION event-signal=12
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: -> OK
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: <- SERIALNO
scdaemon[28645]: no supported card application found: General error
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: -> ERR 100663297 General error <SCD>
gpg-agent[28644]: command learn failed: General error
gpg: OpenPGP card not available: General error
[2]1[root at linux-61r3]4340-06:07~> scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: <- RESTART
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: -> OK
scdaemon[28645.0] DBG: <- [EOF]
scdaemon[28645]: handler for fd -1 terminated
scdaemon[28645]: scdaemon (GnuPG) 2.0.9 stopped

In my naive thoughts I hoped to be able to "format" a blank card to put my key 
on it. Is this now a driver / GnuPG vs card reader issue or is it not possible 
to just use any blank smart card (it is a 8 kB smartcard from Atmel it seems)


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